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Want to know more about working for 1ToDrive? What’s better than to hear it from your new colleagues? At this page you will find a couple of 1ToDrive employees, telling about their jobs at 1ToDrive. They have one thing in common: a job with exciting challenges and a passion for truck driving. Do you have any questions? Please contact us!

It's a pity that I did not take the job the first time

A long time ago I talked to Lilla from 1ToDrive. I just want to point out that I feel very good at KLG. The best company I ever worked for. I'm glad that 1ToDrive gave me this opportunity, it's a pity that I did not take it the first time this summer, but no problem :)

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From Sea Container Driver to Fruit Container Planner

My name is Jakub. I started 2 years ago as See Containers driver at Post-Kogeko. In that period I was working a lot for Container Terminals. I did internal jobs for the biggest “player on this market”. Some days when other departments needed more people for help I was also driving with Frigo Trailers. Then I was loading and unloading goods in The Netherlands or I was helping with a distribution job for one of the well-known supermarket brands in here. I had the feeling that Post-Kogeko could offer me different types of job – which was good for me because I don’t like doing the same trips every day. In the less busy periods I was working more often at night. Then I was shunting containers between terminals in the biggest harbour in Europe ...

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