Certificate of conduct (VOG): why do I need it and how do I request it?

Certificate of conduct (VOG): why do I need it and how do I request it?

When you come to work for us, you will be asked for a certificate of conduct (VOG). We do not do this because we suspect that you have a criminal past, but because you may encounter confidential information and goods of great value during your work. We want to be able to demonstrate to our clients that you are a reliable person and that they can trust you when you start working for them. When you come to work for 1ToDrive, submitting a certificate of conduct (VOG) is an integral part of the employment file.

In this article we would like to explain how you can request a certificate of conduct (VOG), this differs per country. In the following we will present the procedures for obtaining a certificate of conduct from all countries where our company has recruitment offices.


In Romania, the certificate of conduct/criminal record is issued by the Criminal Record Service within the IPJ in the municipality/city where the person has his domicile. In the case of larger cities, the release can also be done by certain police stations, not necessarily only by the Criminal Record, Statistics and Operational Records Service.

As a procedure, in order to avoid queuing in the context of Covid-19, the authorities urge future employees to download their application for the release of the certificate of conduct/criminal record from the Internet (county police website) and to go to the counter with the application completed. On the basis of the request, the certificate of conduct/criminal record is issued on the spot, in one or two copies upon request.

In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, the authorities suggest that the scheduling for the issuance of criminal records be made at: https://ecaziere.ro/, subsequently the person in question will present himself with the completed application at the counter. In the classic case, when the person in question is an adult, they will have to show up at the counter only with the ballot paper and the completed application for release.


In Poland, there are two ways to obtain a certificate of conduct/criminal record:

  1. Electronic, on the KRK website, in this case the cost is 20 PLN. Payment is made through online banking.
  2. In the traditional way, at the KRK counters that are found in the courts, in this case the cost is 30 PLN. Payment is made directly at the check-in counter.

In both cases, prior to the release of the criminal record, a request for release is completed (online or at the counter), and the certificate of conduct/criminal record, in both cases, is issued on the spot.


In Lithuania, there are two ways to obtain a certificate of conduct/criminal record:

The first option is by logging into the national system through a bank or by an electronic signature at: www.epaslaugos.lt/portal/service/184/34843. You can choose whether the document is issued by post or electronically.

If the person concerned does not have access to a Lithuanian bank account or electronic signature, an application containing a copy of his passport or ID card may be sent to: www.ird.lt/lt/paslaugos/kitos-paslaugos/informacijos-rinkmenos/teistumo-neteistumo-pazymos

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