Colleague Adrian in the final of Scania Driver Competitions!

Colleague Adrian in the final of Scania Driver Competitions!

Our colleague Adrian from our office in Romania recently took part in the Scania Driver Competitions.  Read in the interview below how he has prepared himself, and what kind of results he achieved. 

Can you introduce yourself?

Hi, my name is Adrian Matac and I’m 28 years old, living in Bucharest, Romania. I’m a guy who likes mostly motorized vehicles and competitions. I also have the pleasure to kind of work in this domain.

What kind of competition did you participate in?

Scania Driver Competitions is a top contest, the one who test and certifies the best drivers in Europe. This time I had the chance to participate for the final round. In this round the best truck driver of Romania is determined.

Can anyone register for this?

It’s a simple online registration that can be done by everyone who has the documents needed to legally drive a truck. And I encourage everybody to do it!

How long have you been a driver?

I’ve been a driver for about 3 years. 3 years that I’ve really enjoyed working and travelling. 3 years with more than 300.000 km and beautiful people to meet and interact with.

How did you prepare for the competition?

Sadly, I didn’t profess as a truck driver for almost 2 years. It was really difficult during the pre-session. As I am no longer a professional driver at the moment, I had to rely on my skills that I have built up over the years. This turned out to be more than enough.

How did it go?

In this conditions, I’ve managed to get a lucky number 9! During the race I was surprised that I finished in 9th place, as there were more than 2000 truck drivers registered for this session. So for me, it was a great experience to be in the final round with all my professional colleagues.

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