Meet our colleague… Henri van Dijk

When you come to work in the Netherlands it is of course important that you have accommodation. Our colleague Henri van Dijk is our contactperson for this.

Henri is responsible for everything that has to do with accommodation within 1ToDrive. We would like to introduce him to you and give you some more information about our accommodation.

What can you expect when you come to live in the Netherlands?

When you start working via 1ToDrive, you have the option to make use of housing via 1ToDrive. We currently have 30 different locations for housing. The locations range from country houses to office buildings that are suitable for living in. We are working hard to increase the number of available properties, so that we can continue to provide accommodation for everyone who wants to.

All our locations are provided with an SNF quality mark. This is a certificate especially for organizations that offer housing for migrant workers. Housing locations of the organizations that are registered with the Stichting Normering Flexwonen are checked annually. If the housing does not meet the requirements and things are not repaired quickly, the provider of housing will be unsubscribed from the register of Stichting Normering Flexwonen. Of course we ensure that this is alright every year.

What does the housing look like?

We have accommodations with single rooms or double rooms which are divided according to availability. All our homes are furnished and equipped with a kitchen and adequate sanitary. The only thing you need to bring is bedding.

How is it determined where I will live?

Your work location determines which property is suitable for you. We ensure that the distance to your work is always a maximum of 30 minutes away by car.

Do you not want to use the houses that 1ToDrive offers, but do you find it difficult to find something suitable? Then we are happy to help you with this. Henri is ready to help you to find a suitable living space.

Do you have any questions about housing via 1ToDrive? Then please do not hesitate contact us!



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