"Suddenly there was Covid-19 and everything became much different"

These are bizarre times. Due to the economic development and the tight labor market, we have mainly been dominated by growth in recent years. We have opened recruitment offices in Romania, Poland and Lithuania to continue to meet the growing demand from our partners. Suddenly there was Covid-19 and everything became much different.

Job offers were withdrawn and there was no work for several drivers. The past few months we have worked hard and we have been able to find a different employers for the most of them. Unfortunately this was not successful for everyone. What should we do? Going back home was not an option for many of our drivers. After all, the borders are closed. One thing was clear to us: we won't let them down! They can continue using our accommodation and where necessary, we provide money for the groceries.    

The first measures have now been relaxed and we are cautiously seeing the first signs of recovery. It looks like the intelligent lockdown is causing a small economic contraction. At least smaller than in other European countries where the measures were significantly stricter. It is also possible - albeit with a stack of documents - to cross the borders again. Finally, our colleagues can see their families again and/or get back to work in the Netherlands.

I am extremely proud of the colleagues who supply our supermarkets and hospitals every day, who ensure that we receive our products ordered online and that our garbage is collected. Quite special when you consider that the majority of our colleagues come from abroad.

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